Mental Muscle Playlists

Do driving beats push you on or mellow melodies help you to focus? This month, we’re all about mindset and mental game.
Here we’re sharing workout playlists handpicked by some people who are smashing fitness - so you can be inspired by the tunes that inspire them.

Zlatan's mental muscle playlist

If you want to know what helps to keep the god of Sweden and Manchester focussed as he trains, then here it is.

His playlist is a balance between motivating uptempo tunes and more mellow moments when it’s all about strength and focus.

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"Gold" now on Spotify

The music from our latest commercial with Zlatan is now available on Spotify.

Listen to the song made by Erik Lundin and producer Nisj on Zlatan's Spotify playlist or watch the video "Inner gold".


my sight set on the horizon/
feel my pulse and my temperature rising/
you dream bout material things, all of my dreams, I materialize em/
I can feel the adrenaline pumpin/ every time a nigga hear the bass thumping/ I done crushed the competition for the longest,
you can tell by the way I got these syllables jumping/
your world ain't akin to mine/
daddy got deported, got friends who fled genocide/
still I chunk up the deuce like a Gemini/
struggle been a friend of mine/
so you can take away the streams and take away the tracks/
take away the trophies, take away the plaques/
take it how you want but it won't take away the fact/
they can it all away, but never take away the craft/

Kenneth Bergh's mental muscle playlist

Kenneth Bergh is one of MMA’s hottest up and coming stars - and one of the reasons for that is his razor sharp mental game. He sees MMA as an enigma, a mathematical problem, and for that he needs ultimate focus.

Check out his playlist to discover how he blocks out the world on his way to becoming a champion.

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