We are a value driven company. Working with social improvement demands long-term thinking, broad collaborations and knowledge of local conditions.


It is important to us that our products are manufactured in a responsible manner. Our aim is to ensure safe and high quality working conditions for those involved in every aspect of our production, and to protect their workers’ rights at all levels.

Every manufacturer we partner with must comply with our ethical guidelines (Read our Code of Conduct here), which meet key UN and International Labor Organization standards.

We have procedures in place to ensure that the working conditions in all factories are kept to a high standard. Every factory is carefully assessed before they are given the go-ahead start production, and follow-up inspections are conducted regularly.

We take our responsibility towards the environment equally seriously. A more sustainable industry means a sustainable future, and we intend to play a key role in that. Our aim is to minimize the environmental impact of our products over their whole life-cycle, both at a product level and at a factory level.


We consider it critical to able to offer our customers products that are not harmful. Product safety is a top priority and our dedicated teams work to ensure that our products adhere to strict safety standards.

We have developed a set of chemical restrictions that all participating manufacturers must undertake to meet. Manufacturers are obliged to carry out regular testing during production to ensure that their production complies with these regulations.


Every factory we work with is required to have a system in place to control and manage the use of chemicals during the production process. Workers must be equipped with protective equipment and receive comprehensive training.

Considerable amounts of water must be used in the production of our textiles, and proper treatment of discharged water it is essential. Factories must strive to reduce emissions and to optimize the use of resources.

Through company inspections and regular dialogue, we strive to ensure that our factories do not violate environmental regulations, and we continuously to improve environmental management systems.