A-Z and Zlatan Ibrahimović

As a kid I had this dream: what if I had my own sports brand?

I didn’t start out with high tech gear or the latest 400EUR sneakers. I didn’t even know that sneakers could cost 400EUR. I trained in whatever gear I could get hold of, on a hard court outside my mom’s, with nothing but a strong mindset. I got to where I am because I took every opportunity and I trained harder than everyone else.

And because I am Zlatan.

I want to make sure that the next Zlatan, whether she or he is in Rosengård or Rio, gets the same chance. Expensive gear doesn’t make athletes. Hard work, dedication and a strong mindset makes athletes.

I come from a world where you have to be ten times better than everyone else to make it. Attitude is the only thing that matters, because attitude is the only thing you have.

If anyone tries to tell you that you won’t make it because you don’t have the right gear or the right body or enough money, send them to me. I’ll tell them. Nobody knows what makes an athlete like Zlatan Ibrahimović does.

When I met Petter Varner, I knew right away that he has the same passion and mindset that I have. He is the perfect partner to make the vision I had for three decades real. I personally oversee every design, every product development for A-Z, and I talk to the team every week.

I designed A-Z to be my dream training kit because I don’t wear sports gear to look like an athlete - I train in sports gear because I am an athlete. Every piece is simple, functional and high quality, because I know what matters. I train in A-Z every day because I know about training. Trust me.